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Cheetah relaxing
Empty landscape with rusting car

Last night I watched the Attenborough Witness Statement. I cannot describe the level of emotions I went through. Everything from absolute love for this man through guilt, helplessness, hopelessness, anger and then a small glimmer of hope.

Afterwards, while sitting talking with Cate, I discussed the fact ...


We have known for a long time that the matriarchs in herds have passed on critical information to others in that herd. It's a logical thing, considering humans as mammals do the same. We look to our parents to pass on their experiences to us, and they craft and shape how we think as we grow up. Sadly, sometimes ...


It has been a long journey to this moment.

Back in 2018 a law was introduced through the UK Parliament that would effectively close many of the routes through the UK for illegal Ivory. It stemmed from an investigation by the UK's Environmental Investigation Agency. This charity, which is seen worldwide ...

The Phoenix Philosophy - This is my philosophy, it has a very simple premise, out of the ashes of one project/action comes a better more vital one.

I recently ran a Kickstarter Campaign to release a book. The idea behind it was to try to bring some needed money to a charity ...



Award winning cameraman and photographer, Simon is available worldwide for conservation projects. Please contact him to discuss your requirements.

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