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"I've been given the chance to experience something many would love to. For that, I am so incredibly thankful, and it is only right that I give back" - Simon

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Simon supports a selection of charities with his work. In most cases the limited editions will indicate where some of the money will go in the process of a sale. Currently Simon is an Ambassador for AfriCat UK which is the UK fundraising charity for two organisations he has worked with before. Other products will also clearly indicate the charity donation status.

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Currently supported charities

You can click on the logo or name of each charity to find out more about their work.

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Namibian Lion Trust Logo

Namibian Lion Trust

A small charity in the North of Namibia that manages the lives of many Lions through reducing Human Wildlife Conflict. With programs that provide Bomas for livestock, and the Lion Guards, humans and predators live in a respectful balance within nature.

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AfriCat UK Logo

AfriCat Foundation

Based in Namibia AfriCat is hosted in the Okonjima reserve three hours north of Windhoek. AfriCat continues to develop and change with initiatives to bring back examples of ecosystem that predate the farming environment using wildlife to evolve the ecosystems.

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the Seal Project Charity Logo

The Seal Project

The Seal Project is a small charity based in South Devon raising awareness of both Grey and Common Seals around our shores, surveying identifying and recording each sighting, along with raising awareness through talks and presentations both in educational and community settings. We aim to learn all we can about these amazing creatures who we are incredibly fortunate to share our world with.

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The Sea Watch Foundation Charity Logo

Sea Watch Foundation

The Sea Watch Foundation is a long-standing national organisation that monitors and studies cetaceans, their health and the environment they live in for their conservation. Publishing research and providing guidance for operators on the sea, they provide crucial support to the life in the sea.



Award winning cameraman and photographer, Simon is available worldwide for conservation projects. Please contact him to discuss your requirements.

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