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One of my “things” that I talk about in my errr...talks..(going well so far isn’t it!). Is that I like to explore different ways of presenting my work. Creativity in presentation is as much a tool as creativity in the image itself. I’ve been playing around and creating some templates in Affinity Photo, the best alternative to Photoshop you can get for the Mac right now. No, I’m not being paid by them (wish I was though right now).

The first template I created came about because of Cate’s work on her slow burn project of America. She has been getting images printed by a company in Polaroid Square 600 format, and I wanted to create a template that allowed me to print multiple sets of this style on a single A4 page.

Using Affinity Photo, my Mac Photoshop killer, I learnt some basics in template creation, and layout. This partiocular template, allows you to click on the image area within each of the "Polaroids", and drop a real image in. Then you can print them on a single sheet, cut them out, and "Bob's your uncle"!

Polaroid Template2.png

This took me one stage further. With photography, we talk about being visual story tellers. There is nothing more visual, and "story teller" than a comic. This set me thinking about more complex templates that use different geometric shapes to house the images within.

This layout was the first, a prototype if you will. More of them will follow, on the Facebook pages as I play more, and develop a Cheetahworld style of comic book template. If you use Affinity, then you may already be doing this, and if you don't know how to do this, there are plenty of Youtube Videos to show you how. Go play...



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