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At the end of this week the new Sir David Attenborough programme goes live on Apple TV. It looks at the world through the eyes of the last year. The world, without the predominant specie out and about. How has nature dealt with the lack of humans, both on land and in the oceans of the world.

The message is clear in many ways. With the lack of humans, nature has thrived in some cases! The trailer shows Penguins walking streets, Leopards meandering through holiday villas, whales enjoying a sudden peace in the water as shipping reduced, and the noise levels abated. Extraordinary? Not really, if anyone, it is more of what is should be. No doubt journalists will heap praise on the documentary, and maybe some will see the underlying message.

The day before writing this, I also listening to a live conversation on Club House with Dr Jane Goodall. She was, like Sir David, talking about how the world is trying to recover, but with humans, and the human views of “me first” the natural world struggles. I for one was listening and thinking about what I can do. But like many, I probably look at the issues that I see and think they are global, and too big for one person.

This is why Dr Jane Goodall has an organisation called Roots and Shoots. An innovative programme that is worldwide, but with a local view and mission of actions. I thoroughly hope you click on the link and go take a look. It really is one of the solutions to feeling “the problem is worldwide and I am only one person”. In the same way that younger generations (and I hear my dad saying that too me) love “Sir David and Dr Jane”, this organisation is focusing on the same adoring fanbase.

Rootsnshoots encourage local practical positive initiatives to problems empowering children, teens, and adults to solve the problems. Groups can sign up, and then make sue of the many tools available on the site.

More so now, than ever, the younger generations, the ones who will be in charge one day, are already taking charge. Becoming the sensible voice to the irrational adults that we are! Holding us to account, and rightly so.

If you are a parent reading this, then go take a look, and get setup for your children. If you are a child reading this, go look at the site and help.

By the way, that whale was taking from Berry Head in Devon. When the seas become quiet, the wildlife might say hello, and we'll hear it!



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