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Landscape of near Brixham at sea

Dolphins, some thoughts...

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I had an amazing day yesterday on the Dolphin Watch UK boat guiding for them. It’s a very precious moment for me. In the same way that when I’ve worked at AfriCat in Namibia I’m privileged to being given a ring side seat in return for documenting their work. The boat gives me a brief glimpse into the world of cetaceans.

Part of this is the absolute joy you see when people reconnect with nature. Children and pedants becomes “levelled” with wonder like a bunch of kids being given the keys to a candy shop.

When the shout goes out that some Dolphins have been spotted the energy levels race back up. On a four hour trip it can be sometime before you see anything (although the last trip it was about twenty minutes after leaving harbour!)

The skipper knows that there is a ethical and moral requirement here too. It’s way to easy to go racing up to the Dolphins and chase them. I’ve seen other boats and sadly Jet ski drivers do this.

You have to think about the fact the WE are being invited into their home. They might be fixing a meal, relaxing, playing, going for a swim. Imagine if you were at home and someone just opened the door, walked in and stood at your shoulder following you around?

The skipper drives the boat to a distance where the Dolphins can then choose to come to us. It’s their choice not ours. Cutting the engine happens and the Dolphins can then spend as much or as little time investigating us. It really is a case of whose watching who!

Yesterday one of the parents made a comment that resonates with me. Talking to their kids as a parent and baby dolphin came close.

(Paraphrased) “ Mum’s bringing their baby to us to show her and say these are humans…be careful of them”

I think that says a lot of how far forward we’ve come…

Here’s a landscape…Dolphins might have been there in the picture…they were busy with life!



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