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Art manipulated Duck image

Looking back - Birds #2 - Duck Art!

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Image Type: Art House Location: Martin Mere, Lancashire

A female Red-Crested Pochard! Yes, well there you go. This is an early Art House image. There was some advance thoughts that went into this image when I took it. I remember seeing this duck sitting on one of the wet areas very close to the paths you walked through to get to the hides. The details that caught my eyes, wasn't so much the bird itself, but the interesting reflections that were going on in the water. Perhaps I should have just taken the water is the image, and created something more abstract, however, I elected to shoot the bird.

What caused the strangeness going on in the water? Well, it was winter (you know nothing Jon Snow!), and the trees around the lake were devoid of leaves. The ripples were reflect the stark (I know) trees branches, and because of the warping effect, it gave a lovely level of interest to the background.

Why Art House? Well, the border that I placed on the image, throwing the edging into monochrome. The rest of the picture is natural, but because of this change, I designated it as a Art House image.

Note: If you want to know more about Art House, Natural and Words Worth have a look here on the website: Classifications



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