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Robin on a post

Looking back - Birds #4 - Robin

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Classification: Art House Location: Chester Zoo - Ape facility!

I've always had a thing for Colour Popping images. Sometimes, very bluntly, and other times, like this image, more subtley. This is the reason why its an Art House image, due to the monochrome background. The use of colour popping does divide people a little. It's a technique that brings out the marmite in people. You either love it or hate it. I for one, feel that when it's used it should really be sparingly but it can help an image.

This was another case of a quick "from the hip" shot. I was with a few other people, and we were discussing a few things about apes, when I noticed that this robing was inside the viewing gallery of the Ape building. As with most Robins they are bold as brass, and very territorial. This fellow was sitting on one of the posts near the exit door, but, he was watching as opposed to panicking and trying to get out.

I remember looking at the image afterwards, and thinking it wasn't anything that special. The background was distracting. However, simply colour popping the Robin removed the distraction from the area around. It also meant you could more easily see the small feather on his head sticking out against a well manicure bird!!

Simple image that shows one of our native birds to full effect. I've seen many shots of Robins in winter, with the snow, ideal Christmas card stock. This however, is really more of a portrait!



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