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Dolphin in Torbay

Not Acceptable!

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This year I'm branching out into some very wet safaris! Sea based ones to be precise. But in the process, there is always a period of getting up to speed and learning new things.

But, one thing I've learned from the past is that humans, even now after everything that is going on in the world. Can exhibit the most appalling behaviours.

Let me explain (I'm more than a little angry here, you might be able to tell).

In the last few days I've been on a boat with Dolphin Watch UK. The team that I've been invited to run photographic safaris and trips with. We've had some wonderful success, and as such it really has started to come together.

But, on the way back in from the last trip of the day, the Skipper of the boat called out and changed direction towards something floating in the sea.

Sam, who runs Dolphin Watch, grabbed a net, and pulled in the "thing" floating in the sea.

It wasn't a Dolphin, or anything that in the 21st century should be in the sea. It was fresh, and quite frankly disgusting.

A bag of rubbish that some poor excuse for a human being couldn't be bothered to take back to harbour and dispose of properly! Used, drinks bottles, and empty yoghurt pots along with a whole host of other rubbish, made of plastic, all tied up in a plastic shopping bag.

I truly hope that there is Karma...



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