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Nothing a bit of dusting can't put right?

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It's time to grow up I thought to myself. Take life a little more seriously!

So I grabbed the metaphorical dustpan and brush, paint tin, hammer and nails, and stripped the digital showroom/office back to bare walls.

Then I sat cross-legged on the floor and though long and hard about whats been happening in the world, whats been happening in my life, what I've seen, and experienced. I then looked at what I'd been hoping for all these years and decided that enough was enough.

Instead of saying to myself, I'm no good, the "ever chant" of anyone in the creative field, whether they are a musician, painter, photographer, writer, well the list is endless. But if you are one of those you'll know the little voice inside your head that says "you aren't very good are you?". I decided to break the cycle. I'm getting older, I only have this life, and thats it. You can't take money with you, you can't take possessions (although the ancient Egyptians would disagree). But you can leave your mark. I'm not talking negatively either.

For a lot of people leaving your mark is securing a tidy amount of assets that you can pass on to someone, or have people say that he/she/they were so successful. But the reality is that money, and goods aren't a sign of success as far as this planet is concerned.

Well, I'm not rich, will never be rich, but I wake up with a smile on my face.

Time for a change again. This time, the website. At the end of 2021 I decided that things were going to change further for me and to achieve that I needed to say goodbye to some legacy things that were trappings of an old way of thinking. I will no longer be selling my pictures as "mass produced" images. Instead, I'm putting may of my favourites into a stock library with certain restrictions on their use. But the fun now, is that I will only be releasing limited editions. Something with a little more care, pride, love, and hope. I'm still going to support nature, conservation, and make personal decisions that try not to harm the planet because I still want to wake up knowing I've been thoughtful and caring.

Welcome to Simon Palmer 2.0...



Award winning cameraman and photographer, Simon is available worldwide for conservation projects. Please contact him to discuss your requirements.

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