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Pets or Companions...NO! How about respect for other creatures?

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Oh good grief!

Recently Piers Morgan and PETA debated the use of the PET. As in "I have a pet".

I'm not on either side for this. I think we are losing sight of the actual fundamental issue. Respect. Respect for other animals because like it or not, WE are animals as well. We might be a predator, might even think of ourselves as moral, ethical, and intelligent, although from the video and commotion caused by the interview, you'd be allowed to think otherwise.

We live in a world where human respect for each other has been eroded away. You only have to look at the UK. What chance do animals have if we don't respect each other.

I get that the words we use in our world can lead to discrimination, racism, hate, and the rest of the issues that we see daily on our newspapers all over the world. But I think the issue I have with this debate is that we are actually guardians and carers for animals. If we take an animal into our house, or field, or have a goldfish. Then we have an obligation to that animal to feed it, care for it, and look after it.

The issue is what you do with the animal, not what you call it. I know there is the rational that changing the way people view something will change the way they behave to that "something" but, you have to be a credible voice to do so. Having a tupence discussion with Piers Morgan will not grant any favour with the public no matter how right you are.

Rant over...



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